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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon Jan 10 18:27:55 PST 2005

Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> writes:

> BTW, what is everyone working on this month? 

Oh, you know, stuff...  (in no particular order)

 * Ongoing OCAL work as discussed in other threads

 * Just released a new version of Net::Server::POP3
 * Quiz rally this coming Saturday in Lexington; One of our quizzers
   is ready and will probably have her best rally ever; the other
   three, as is usual for the rally after Christmas break, have
   slacked off and not studied and will not do so well.  We try
   to get them to study...  we call their house when they aren't
   at practice...  we do what we can.

 * trying to keep fresh on the language I'm learning

 * keeping up with email -- or, more realistically,
   falling behind as little as possible
 * On the VBS front, January is the month we plan games
 * quarterly council meeting on the 31st
 * 1002806 points until level vroom

 * Then there's work, as in, the kind I get paid for:
   * This month we make the decision which next-generation
     integrated library automation system to spend around
     a hundred grand on over the next several years
   * Just finished up a big fat Technology Plan to keep
     the bureaucrats happy or put anyone else to sleep;
     I even managed to slip the phrase "beyond the scope
     of this document" into an end note
   * Before that, just finished up the year-end rollover,
     reports, statistics, and related stuff
   * We're putting in a new office for the Assistant
     Director, which for me means having cables run and
     speccing out, ordering, and installing a desktop system.
   * Getting ready to deploy a resource scheduling (CGI-based)
     application for internal use in scheduling public meeting
     rooms and patron internet and word processing computers
   * Merging several related small databases into one combined
     database of donated items
   * All of that in-between the usual everyday stuff

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