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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Thu Jan 13 14:44:36 PST 2005

"Jonadab the Unsightly One" <jonadab at bright.net> writes:

> Is there a list someplace, of which flags are UN flags?
> Same question for Olympic flags.

My initial attempts to turn up this information find the flags of the
UN itself and the Olympic flag with the five rings.  That obviously
isn't what you meant.  Presumably these organizations maintain lists
of flags they approve?  But my initial attempts at locating said lists
have failed thus far.  If someone just _knows_ where these lists are,
that would help to expedite the process.

Meanwhile, I'm working on some additional granularity.  So that these
won't be lost if I merge in someone else's changes, I'm doing them as
a shell script that adds the needed keywords.  (Below, I'll append
what I have so far; it depends on the keyword-adding script that is in
CVS and has also been posted to the list in the past.  Existing
keywords are preserved if the metadata can be parsed by SVG::Metadata,
which seems not to be a problem for the flags images.)

I'm thinking of making a preliminary metadata authority-control script
also; the first draft will probably just strip leading/trailing
whitespace from individual keywords and unify case, but later more
detailed authority control could be added.

Should we add an islandnation keyword to flags that belong to island
nations, such as Madagascar, the UK, Japan, and so on?  Or would that
be wasted effort?

Also, should we add an historicflag keyword to flags that are no
longer current, such as the USSR flag, the Nazi flag, and so on?
If so, should the various pirate flags have it?

Anyway, here's what I've got so far:

# Run this from the flags directory.

# International flags:
keyword --keywords=internationalflag miscellany/unesco.svg miscellany/unicef.svg miscellany/unitednations.svg miscellany/who.svg
# What about NATO?  That's international in a sense, but not worldwide like the others.

# National flags, by continent:
keyword --keywords=africa africa/*.svg
keyword --keywords=america america/*.svg
keyword --keywords=asia asia/*.svg
keyword --keywords=europe europe/*.svg
keyword --keywords=oceania oceania/*.svg
keyword --keywords=antarctic miscellany/south_georgia_and_south_sandwich_islands.svg miscellany/antarctica.svg
# Also, the flag for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands for some reason
# has a Carribean keyword, which is incorrect and should be removed;
# the keyword script so far does not have keyword-removing facilities.

# Esperanto is a language:
keyword --keywords=language,esperanto miscellany/esperanto.svg

# Political movements that know no national boundaries:
keyword --keywords=politicalmovement miscellany/anarchist.svg miscellany/anarcommunist.svg miscellany/socialist.svg

# Odds and Ends:
keyword --keywords=nazi europe/nazi*.svg
keyword --keywords=christianity miscellany/christian.svg

# Specific countries that have numerous flags each (for states/provinces/whatever):
keyword --keywords=canada america/canada*.svg america/canada.svg
keyword --keywords=usa america/unitedstates.svg america/usa_*.svg america/us_*.svg
keyword --keywords=france europe/france*.svg europe/ile_de_france.svg europe/france.svg
keyword --keywords=germany europe/germany*.svg europe/nazi_historic.svg
keyword --keywords=spain europe/spain*.svg europe/spain.svg
keyword --keywords=australia oceania/australia.svg oceania/australia_*.svg

# Additional granularity in America (North/Latin/Carribean):
# Mexico is in both North America and Latin America, because people might look for it either place.
keyword --keywords=northamerica america/canada.svg america/canada*.svg america/unitedstates.svg america/usa_*.svg america/us_*.svg america/mexico.svg
keyword --keywords=latinamerica america/argentina.svg america/belize.svg america/bolivia.svg america/brazil.svg america/chile.svg america/colombia.svg america/costa_rica.svg america/ecuador.svg america/el_salvador.svg
keyword --keywords=latinamerica america/mexico.svg america/guatemala.svg america/honduras.svg america/nicaragua.svg america/panama.svg america/paraguay.svg america/peru.svg america/suriname.svg america/uruguay.svg america/venezuela.svg
keyword --keywords=carribean america/anguilla.svg america/antigua*.svg america/aruba.svg america/bahamas.svg america/barbados.svg america/bermuda.svg america/*virgin_islands.svg america/cuba.svg america/dominica*.svg
keyword --keywords=carribean america/grenada.svg america/haiti.svg america/jamaica.svg america/puerto_rico.svg america/saint*.svg america/trinidad_and_tobago.svg america/turks_and_caicos.svg

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