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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Fri Jan 14 22:13:42 PST 2005

"Jonadab the Unsightly One" <jonadab at bright.net> writes:

> Ultimately I think our solution would be to have these images tagged
> with relevant keywords in their metadata...  We can provide a script
> for... filtering, which would take on the command-line a list of
> keywords to filter out (i.e., delete images that have them).

I have checked clipart-filter.pl into CVS (under clipart_web), but for
the benefit of those following this discussion, it is also appended

Additionally, I'm wondering whether it should be added to the tools

Anyway, here's my barely-tested-at-all initial version of it:
# -*- cperl -*-

use SVG::Metadata;
use File::Spec::Functions;
use Data::Dumper;

if (not @ARGV) {
  printusage(); exit 0;

my %option = map { s/^--//; (/^([^=]+)=(.*)/) ? ($1, $2) : ($_, 1) } grep { /^--/ } @ARGV;
my %filter = map { s/^-//; ($_, 1) } grep { /^-[^-]/ } @ARGV;
my %keep   = map { s/^[+]//; ($_, 1) } grep { /^[+]/ } @ARGV;

if ($option{debug}) {
  print Dumper(+{
                 filter => \%filter,
                 keep   => \%keep,
                 option => \%option,
                }) . "\n";

exit 0;

sub process {
  my (@d, @f, $f);
  for $f (@_) {
    if (-d $f) {
      push @d, $f;
    } elsif (-f $f) {
      push @f, $f;
    } else {
      warn "Skipping $f";
  processfile(@f) if @f;
  processdir(@d)  if @d;

sub processdir {
  my ($d);
  for $d (@_) {
    if (opendir DIR, $d) {
      warn "Descending into $d...\n" if $option{debug};
      my @f   = map { catfile($d, $_) } grep { not /^[.]+$/ } readdir DIR; closedir DIR;
    } else {
      warn "Cannot descend into $d: $!";

sub processfile {
  my ($f);
  for $f (@_) {
    if ($f =~ /[.]svg$/i) {
      my $meta = SVG::Metadata->new();
      my $r; eval { $r = $meta->parse($f); };
      if ($r and not $@) {
        warn "Processing $f\n" if $option{debug} > 3;
        my $filter = $option{draconianpurge};
        my $keep;
        for $k ($meta->keywords()) {
          if    ($keep{$k})   { ++$keep; }
          elsif ($filter{$k}) { ++$filter; }
        warn "  Filter: $filter; Keep: $keep\n" if $option{debug} > 4;
        purge($f) if ($filter and not $keep);
      } else {
        warn "Failed to parse metadata for $f\n";
    } elsif ($option{debug}>2) {
      warn "Skipping non-SVG file $f\n";

sub purge {
  for $f (@_) {
    my $basename = $f;
    $basename =~ s/svg$//i; # Note the period is left, so foo.svg does not imply foo_bar.*
    @f = glob($basename . "*");
    my $doit = 1;
    if ($option{promptme}) {
      $doit = yesno("Delete ".(join ", ", @f)."?");
    } elsif ($option{debug}) {
      warn "Deleting ".(join ", ", @f)."\n";
    if ($doit) {
      for (@f) {
        if ($option{simulate}) {
          print "rm $_ \[simulated]\n";
        } else {
          unlink $_ or warn "Unable to delete $_: $!\n";

sub yesno {
  my ($prompt) = @_;
  local $| = 1;
  print "$prompt (y/n) ==> ";
  $_ = <STDIN>;
  if (/y/i and /n/i) {
    print <<"QUOTE";
"And it is also said, Go not to the Elves for
counsel, for they will say both no and yes."
                           -- Frodo Baggins
    return yesno(@_);
  } elsif (/y/i)     { return 1;
  } elsif (/n/i)     { return;
  } else             { return yesno(@_);

sub printusage {
  print <<"USAGE";
    $0 [options]

    This command will start from the current directory and descend into subdirectories,
    looking for .svg files.  Any that it finds it will filter (according to the options
    you specify), along with any corresponding files with the same basename, such as
    .png thumbnails.

    Keywords specified with a preceding minus sign (hyphen) will cause images with
    those keywords to be deleted, unless they also have a keyword specified on the
    command-line with a plus symbol.

    $0 -nazi
         Remove all images with the "nazi" keyword.  (Nazi-related
         images are problematic in Germany and possibly certain other
         countries, so distributors putting together clipart packages
         for use there should consider filtering these out.)

    $0 -flag +united_nations_member +olympic_nation +international_flag
         Remove images with the "flag" keyword unless they also have one
         or more of the +keywords

    $0 --draconianpurge +education +books +book
         Remove everything not related to education or books.  This should
         result in a fairly small and focused collection.


         Print extra information about what is happening.
         Higher values of n increase the amount of extra info printed.

         If this option is specified, all images will be removed unless they
         have one of the keywords specified with a plus symbol.

         Do not descend into subdirectories; process images in the current
         directory only.

         Ask the user to confirm (y/n) each image that will be purged.

         Don't actually delete anything; just say what would be deleted.

   You need at least version 0.14 of SVG::Metadata installed; older versions
   will not see any keywords on the images.

   This script is not well-tested yet and is designed to delete files.
   Please use this script on duplicate copies only, not on the main
   clipart library or the original copy of anything.



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