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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Fri Jan 14 22:27:56 PST 2005

Bryce Harrington <bryce at bryceharrington.com> writes:

> Sounds like someone needs to start a wiki page to hold definitions of
> keywords.  ;-)

There is one already.

> Perhaps it could be defined as a flag that was in use by a group
> that is no longer extant.  

A number of the historical flags in the collection belonged
(historically) to entities (e.g., nations) that are still extant, such
as the United States.

How about, flags that were historically used but are no longer
current, either due to having been superceded (as with the Betsy Ross
flag) or due to the entity that used the flag no longer doing so?

> So pirate flags, official flags from countries that no longer exist,
> and flags of political organizations that are no longer officially
> active would qualify.  Flags of fictional countries and
> organizations would not qualify though.

Flags of fictional entities would be fictional flags, not historic
flags, I would think.

> Could get tricky trying to figure out whether an organization is
> "active" or not, though...

Whether the _flag_ is still in active use would probably be the more
relevant thing here.  The Jolly Roger in its modern and most common
form, for example, we might arguably not consider historic in the
sense of no longer being current, because it is used for all manner of
things today (e.g., as a poison symbol), although I don't know that it
is still used in connection with piracy on the high seas (except in
fictional works such as cartoons); but the pirate flags in the
collection are significantly less familiar to the modern eye and have,
I would say, fallen largely out of use.  They are not, however,
historic _national_ flags.

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