[Clipart] The PNG problem in Windows Internet Explorer

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Fri Jan 21 07:08:33 PST 2005

Salvatore Davide Rapisarda <blackmicio at tiscali.it> writes:

> The problem is that explorer ignore alpha transparency in a png
> image,

Didn't somebody here post a method for using a PNG-related
command-line tool, pngcrunch or something like that, to fix an PNG
image so that it would display more correctly on IE, without changing
its appearance for standards-conformant browsers and image editors?

Hang on, maybe I can dig it up...

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# See
# http://www.graphicsmagick.org/libpng/ocal/openclipart.org.html
# which compares the original and the "sRGB" versions.  With Firefox
# they look the same, but with IE one is a lot darker than the other.
# I used pngcrush to remove the gAMA chunk and add the sRGB chunk:
#   pngcrush -rem gama -srgb 1 -rem gama ocal-header.png ocal-header-sRGB.png
# As a side benefit, the file is 3.5kbytes smaller.
# Glenn

If we did this to the PNG thumbnails in the package,
 1.  Would it improve the appearance of the site (especially the
     browse portion) in MSIE?
 2.  Would it have any downside, e.g., impact on other
     browsers or remove wanted information from the images?

It could be a little computation-intensive, but that is not a big
problem if we do it just once to each batch of images as part of the
release cycle.  I mean, generating the thumbnails in the first place
is a bit CPU-intensive, but so what?

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