[Clipart] Re: nazi flag ban called for in the EU by germany post-harry costume

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Wed Jan 26 18:52:05 PST 2005

Bryce Harrington wrote:
> It sounds like the general concensus is:
>    * OCAL will not reject images that are legal in most countries just
>      because they are illegal in a minority of countries.
>    * Keywords to identify controversial/objectionable/illicit images 
>      are definitely acceptable.
>    * There are probably other controversial topics besides the NAZI
>      symbology that should be so marked
>    * Distributing multiple monthly packages (one complete, others
>      trimmed) would be ok, given the tools to produce them.
>    * Not many of the current OCAL participants have a desire to work on
>      this, so it would be more likely to succeed if additional people
>      who care about it can assist with it.
> Where more work is needed is in finding a good scheme for what keywords
> to use for determining which images should get them.  Also, better tools
> for manipulating keywords is needed.

I think I will add these to the guidelines on the website. Any objections?


> On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, David Illsley wrote:
>>Apologies. I hadn't seen this idea brought up (using keywords in a 
>>minimalist way - I think the bigger keywords proposals have major 
>>issues with internationalisation etc.)
>>But looking over the discussion (Which I have been following) I can't 
>>see that any firm decision was made and the fact that It was re-ignited 
>>I thought I'd put my idea forward.
>>I'm more than happy to host any images reject by OCAL on my server for 
>>freedom of speech reasons.
>>On 18 Jan 2005, at 09:06, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
>>>Well if you had also been following the debate after your first lost
>>>mail got lost, you would have seen that the answer to your question is
>>>'no'. I am more inclined to start sorting suggestions like this one 
>>>a trash folder called 'controversial'.
>>>On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 07:52 +0000, David Illsley wrote:
>>>>Hi all,
>>>>I submitted this idea a few days ago but my e-mail got lost somewhere
>>>>Why not allow a small group of people (possibly even just one) to
>>>>declare an image "controversial" (marked by that keyword). This 
>>>>say that it is illegal, offensive or immoral but that it is
>>>>controversial with at least 'n' people. Then distribute 2 packages. 1
>>>>full and the other without any controversial images. It is then up to
>>>>the package distributor whether they want to look through all the
>>>>controversial images and pick the ones they want to exclude (for
>>>>whatever reason) or just exclude them all by basing it on the smaller
>>>>Simple, easy, respects everyone's beliefs.
>>>>On 18 Jan 2005, at 01:23, Mat Hounsell wrote:
>>>>>If the appropriateness of images is a concern, then may I suggest 
>>>>>project take a purely (apolitical) technical/librarian stance.
>>>>>If you say "we are going to accept any image" then you open yourself
>>>>>to images
>>>>>that members will consider inappropriate, even offensive.
>>>>>If you block one image then you will find yourself being asked to
>>>>>block more
>>>>>and more images. Not to mention being taken to task for blocking
>>>>>Perhaps , rather than refusing images, you are better instituting a
>>>>>  A symbol will be accepted if it
>>>>>  * is specified in a (international) standard [e.g. biohazard]
>>>>>  * is a professional symbol
>>>>>  * is a historical symbol [e.g. nazi flag, ussr flag]
>>>>>  etc
>>>>>  An image will be accepted if it
>>>>>  * conveys a simple universal idea
>>>>>  etc
>>>>>Yes, it is not terriblely well defined at the moment; but you refine
>>>>>it as you
>>>>>go. You look at each image and ask what does this image convey? What
>>>>>will it's use give our user?
>>>>>A simple litmus test:
>>>>>Could thim image help a high school student with a project?
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