[Clipart] transparent turkeys

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Fri Jan 28 15:45:08 PST 2005

Stephen Silver wrote:
> Earlier this month I wrote:
>>But I've since found that there are files suffering from this problem
>>with fill-opacity different from 0.75, e.g., scorpion-md-v0.1.svg and
>>addressed_envelope_with_stamp_01.svg.  This increases the total to 406
>>images (or 628 if duplicates are included), if the transparency really
>>is unintentional in all of these.
> I've now looked at lots of these images and I think that the transparency
> is always unintentional.  So we need to fix them all.
> Jonadab, are you going to run your Perl script to do this?  I was originally
> intending to upload a corrected set, but that's probably not such a good
> idea if you've changed some of the paths.  Also, there are files in the
> incoming folder that need the same fix.

Man, I almost forgot about this task. Do you all think we can fix them all b4 
the release on MONDAY if we use those quick scripts we passed around and some 
visual checking, or should I add this task to next month's roadmap?


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