[Clipart] Continuing improving the openclipart flag collection

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Fri Jan 28 15:49:40 PST 2005

Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
> Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <christian at fluendo.com> writes:
>>a) Move flags away from Geography - that is not the correct section
>>for them as a lot of flags have no correlation at all to
>>Geography. The Signs and symbols is probably a better category,
>>especially since I put the sign keyword into every flag
> Okay.  I knew "Geography" wasn't a perfect fit, but I wasn't sure
> where to put them.  I guess Signs & Symbols makes as much sense as
> anything.  This is an easy change to make when we do the release
> (probably this weekend).  The release announcement should probably
> mention it, though.

I've already made a note of this in PR, but if this doesn't happen, please alert 
me so that I can remove that text before we send en masse.

>>b) Move out the crests that have gotten into the flags collection into a
>>separate subsection
> Is there an easy way to identify them -- i.e., do they all have a
> certain keyword that none of the (other) flags have?  (If not, we'll
> have to construct a list of them.)
>>c) Re-order some of the flags.Subnational flags should be grouped and
>>maybe put into national subsection for instance. So under Europe it
>>should probably be a France and Germany subsection for instance.
> Makes sense.  We can start this process for 0.10, but it probably
> won't be completed until after 0.10.
>>e) Clean up titles to only have flag name, not author etc.
> Yeah, the author should be in the creator field of the metadata, not
> in the title field.  I hadn't noticed this issue, because I was mostly
> focusing on the keywords and trusting the rest of the metadata to be
> correct.
>>I am more than willing to do the work needed for this myself, but I
>>would need someone to explain me how I can do it in a way that works
>>for the way openclipart works atm. I am still not sure what parts of
>>the process are manual, what are automatic etc.
> Yeah, that's a bit confusing, as we're still working on improving our
> process.  What's manual this month might be automatic next month.  If
> you are making changes to the metadata (e.g., pulling the author out
> of the title field into the creator field), the best approach is going
> to depend on how many images you're changing.  If it's a handful of
> images, I'd say just resubmit the images with your changes, either
> individually or in a zipfile or tarball.
> If the metadata need to change on a *lot* of the images, probably the
> better approach is to wait for the 0.10 release (since the directory
> structure of the flags will have changed substantially since 0.9),
> unzip/untar it, make your changes to the metadata, then retar/rezip up
> just the flags subdirectory tree and submit that, and it can be
> integrated in as a whole for the subsequent release.
> Another possible approach once 0.10 comes out is to write a script
> that makes the metadata changes en situ, using SVG::Metadata or
> whatever, and we can run it from the flags subdirectory.
> At this point I wouldn't recommend basing any significant work on the
> directory structure in 0.9, since that's going to be obsolete very
> soon.  This is my Saturday at work, so I will probably start the
> release process tonight if I'm doing it again, and plan to upload
> the result to the server circa Sunday night for a Monday release.
> And I probably should do the release again this time, so that I can
> make sure my updated and revised version of the release procedure (as
> posted on the Wiki) works as advertised.  If that's okay with
> everyone.

Yeah, that sounds wise for this release. I will write up the PR and distribute 
that and update the site, etc, again. Thanks for taking the lead on packaging 
and sorting. I hope to put some more energy towards the scripts/tools and also 
in seeking out more people to help us on these tasks.

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