[Clipart] Re: The PNG problem in Windows Internet Explorer

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sun Jan 30 11:51:59 PST 2005

Nicu Buculei <nicu at apsro.com> writes:

> Win98 SE contained IE 5.0 not IE4

Yeah, I found that out.  So I had to hunt down IE4 separately and
install that in a second Win95 VM.  Then I have 5.0 in 98SE, 5.5 in
WinMe, and I'll do a second WinMe VM with IE6.

> a quick test in IE 5.0 from Win98 SE probably will reveal still no
> support for PNG and *some* support for CSS, making the site usable,
> but without images.

Actually, it turns out that PNG images are shown (but without
alphachannel transparency, of course) in IE from 4.01 up.  Also
there's basic CSS support starting in 4.01, so the colors are largely
right, and the layout partly works, although there's some weirdness
there.  (In fact, I'm having a hard time finding any differences (at
least, any that manifest themselves on the OCAL site) between 4.01 and
5.0, though they have clear and obvious differences from 3.0.)

Right now I need to focus on the 0.10 release, but hopefully
after that I'll have time to say more about the IE testing.

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