[Clipart] release tomorrow

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Thu Jun 2 03:40:50 PDT 2005

[regarding the sample files handled by the new Metadata.pm]

crschmidt at crschmidt.net (Christopher Schmidt) writes:
> These work in ASV 3 on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

Holger Will <holger at treebuilder.de> writes:
> everything looks fine in a current  firefox build.

Holger Will <holger at treebuilder.de> writes:
> fixed my java problem... everythings fine in Batik 1.6 , too.

Okay, sounds like it's a go for 0.14, then.

I'm at step 14 of the release procedure (i.e., have completed the
biggest step, running svg_validate), so I should be able to finish
making the release this evening, hopefully.  If all goes according to
plan, we should be able to release on Friday the 3rd.

We did have some images fail (which we can investigate after the
release goes out[1]) but there are also a number of new images
successfully included, so it looks to be a worthwhile release.


[1] Most of the failed ones came in tarballs or zipfiles, so I suspect
    our metadata propagation script needs work; some others that came
    in zipfiles or tarballs are fine, though, such as the updated
    versions of Gerald Ganson's; anyway, I'll upload the -failed.zip
    with the others and we can look into it during June.  Also there
    were a couple of sets that I threw into the failed bin without
    attempting to process them, because they came with readme files
    that say they are distributed under the GPL, and I think we should
    get confirmation from the authors about whether they are really
    public domain.  There are email addresses in the readme files,

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