[Clipart] [Bug 3508] BLOG: Add wordpress blog engine to the site like Inkscape.org

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Thu Jun 23 06:00:49 PDT 2005

Jonathan Leighton wrote:
> TBH I'd like to use proper absolute paths on the website. All that
> $site_root stuff is extremely messy. I know it's done with relative
> paths so that people running from a subdirectory on their local machine
> (like http://localhost/clipart/) don't have a problem, but really, I
> don't think that's a good excuse. Absolute paths make life *so* much
> easier (after you've been bothered to set up VHosts), and I really
> wouldn't do it any other way on one of my own sites. Also, URIs like
> /contact.php are bad (what happens if you change technology? the file
> name changes --> 404s), it should be done as just "/contact/" (Which can
> be implemented with MultiViews easily -- not mod_rewrite). Furthermore,
> cgi-bin directories are really, really, really (REALLY) evil (see above
> about technologies).

for absolute enjoyment:
1. http://openclipart.org
2. click on "Browse"
3. enter in any category (keyword) you want (without this step you will 
get "only" a 404 error)
4. press "See More" on the right sidebar


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