[Clipart] Contest + Ideas

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sun Mar 6 18:22:53 PST 2005

Also, I just discussed with my gf the idea of having a sponsored contest. 
Maybe we could set a number of images. Or, an image bounty up and then pool 
together some money to buy a good art book or something. In fact, it would 
be great to give away a nice art book a month or every other month. These 
books would only cost us like $20-$40. However, maybe it is better to do 
this one-time only and see what happens. Also, my GF had the idea to 
develop a competition of sorts so that the person who contributes the most 
images in a month receives a t-shirt of one of their works printed onto it.

Anyhow, what type of competiton or goal could we set that would encourage 
further participation and would also help to get some more eyes on our project.

Possible goals for a competetion:

* 5000 unique images
* 10000 unique images
* largest number of images submitted in one month by one user
* largest number of images submitted by a group
* qualitative: best clipart in a month (who would judge)
* knock out clip art requests month...we treat the requests like bugs, give 
them point values and set a goal for how many to get as a group
* competition in support of developing tools to help the library
* best use of imagery from open clipart -- this doesn't help our project 
very much though like a competition that encourages new clip art submissions

Thoughts on this idea and possible rewards? Also, we might not need to have 
a gift if we do something collective like try to get 2000 submissions in a 


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