[Clipart] Adobe Illustrator CS SVG files + incompatibility

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sun Mar 6 23:50:21 PST 2005

Stephen Silver wrote:
> I wrote:
>>There are only 7 WMF files in the collection, and two of those
>>are duplicates (hummer_04.wmf = hummer_03.wmf and hummer_06.wmf =
>>hummer_05.wmf).  There were 20 submitted in total, including those
>>duplicates.  I intend to upload these again somewhen, along with my best
>>attempts at converting them to SVG, but I probably won't do this in time
>>for the 0.11 release.
> The upload script won't let me upload the zip file, but here it is anyway
> for whoever does the 0.11 release:
> http://www.argentum.freeserve.co.uk/wmf_deja_vu.zip
> This contains the original WMF and RDF files (with a few keyword changes),
> and SVG files created from them.  I wrote my own WMF-to-SVG converter to do
> this, because I gave up trying to fix wmf2svg.
> SVG doesn't support non-scaling hatching or non-scaling lines (except perhaps
> by using ECMAScript to change things every time the image is zoomed), so the
> conversion replaces these by ordinary patterns and lines.  Other than that the
> SVG files appear to be accurate, and they are only about a quarter of the size
> of those produced by wmf2svg.
> Note that Inkscape 0.41 displays these SVG files incorrectly, though in most cases the difference is not very noticeable.  This is
> because of bug #1152405, which has been fixed in CVS.
> My conversion program is very limited in what it can do, as I haven't yet
> implemented much that I didn't actually need for these conversions, but if
> anyone wants to see the code I can upload it somewhere.

Yes, it would be good to put up somewhere so that we can link to it. I'm 
thinking of how we should collect all these tools together people like 
yourself are developing. I created a Tools page in the wiki, but maybe you 
should post up what you have developed first. Do you have access to our CVS 

Currently, all of our scripts and the website are all together. I'm 
starting to think we need to break our tools out of the CVS web module and 
put them into their own. Does anyone have any good thoughts on this subject?

We need to make it easier for people to develop tools and need a good place 
for these to go. I wonder if it is time to reinstall MANTIS so that people 
can post them as attachments. Also, I think we need to up the ante on our 
development of tools beyond just clip art. Hmmm....For now, can you post it 
somewhere and email the link please?


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