[Clipart] PR Up - Please edit

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon Mar 7 00:45:05 PST 2005

Stephen Silver wrote:
> Jon Phillips wrote:
> The number of images is wrong - 3595 includes all the duplicates.
> Probably the figures for amount of clip art submitted by different
> artists are also wrong for the same reason.

I did this command to get the total count of unique SVG files from the package:

find . -name "*.svg" | uniq | wc -w

So, that should be all unique SVG images in the repository. Am I incorrect 
in this? Actually, we probably have more than 200 artists...[doing 
search]... In terms of names from the packaging process, there are around 
250 artists it seems...so actually more. I just did line count of the 
generated statistics.txt file. I see that Jonadab or someone else linked 
that file to the upper left hand link of amount of clipart and then number 
of artists.

If I am incorrect in this number of images, then yes, we should change. I 
had hoped to get this PR out tonight, so hopefully you all can look at it 
now to see if I'm incorrect.



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