[Clipart] PR Up - Please edit

Glenn Randers-Pehrson glennrp at comcast.net
Mon Mar 7 06:15:40 PST 2005

At 09:01 AM 3/7/2005 -0500, Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
>Jon Phillips <jon at rejon.org> writes:
>> Glenn Randers-Pehrson wrote:
>>> At 06:00 PM 3/6/2005 -0800, Jon Phillips wrote:
>>> Explain very briefly what *-tools.zip contains
>> Yeah, I added that wiki page for the tools. I started to get lost in
>> what they all do as well. Hopefully that page will serve as good
>> info. about what each tool does.
>There is a README.txt in the tools package that contains a brief
>synopsis of what each tool is for -- although, I think it may not list
>the new count-unique-images tool that was added this release.

I know.

I just wanted a *very* short (like a word or two, maybe just
"tools") to separate the tools
file from the list of clipart downloads in the PR.  e.g.

      *.bz2 (33.2MB)
      *.tar.gz (0 MB)
      *.zip (19 MB)
      *-tools.tar.gz (2 MB)

I wasn't able to DL the tar.gz this morning, and the bz2 was a lot
larger than the zip (maybe that core is still in there)


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