[Clipart] release

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Wed Mar 9 08:25:58 PST 2005

"Stephen Silver" <ocalocal at btinternet.com> writes:

> The multipart/form-data specification is RFC 2388 (which doesn't
> even mention Unicode).

Ah.  I see now.  Another piece of information I wasn't getting from
CGI::Lite.  I already knew I needed to move away from that canned
solution, as it wasn't giving us certain other information we needed,
as well, plus the bug where it leaves the boundaries in place.

I still won't know what I'm doing with Unicode, but at least now I
know moving away from CGI::Lite is the first step on the road forward.

I still don't understand why the web browser would use different
encodings to send data from the same form, even if there IS an RFC
that allows it.  This probably means that to fix it, the upload script
will have to convert the other bits and pieces to whatever encoding
the main file uses.  I am at a loss why the browser wouldn't pick one
encoding and stick with it for all the data.  (Isn't that possible
with Unicode?  I thought multiple incompatible encodings was the
problem Unicode was supposed to *solve*...)

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