[Clipart] release

Stephen Silver ocalocal at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 9 10:09:21 PST 2005

Jonadab wrote:

> Stephen Silver wrote:

>  > I just need a way to get the files into the release process
>  > without going through the upload script again.
> You could zip them up in a batch and submit the zipfile (or tarball
> or whatever).

Well, that didn't work.  The upload script wants more metadata, even
though every file already has metadata (since they've all been through
the upload script before).

> Or you could put the zipfile (or whatever) up on the web anyplace,
> reply here with a URI, and I'll shell into the server and wget it
> over to incoming.

OK, here's the first batch:

>  > But as well as fixing them we should also make it obvious that they
>  > *are* being fixed.  When someone spends a lot of time creating an
>  > image, and OCAL apparently just discards it without explanation
>  > or obvious reason, it's likely to put them off ever contributing
>  > again.
> Perhaps a news item on the front page, to the effect that we're
> correcting a problem caused by our upload script and rescuing a
> number of previously-submitted images that failed due to this?
> It would be nice to have a number to put on the announcement.

That's 44 so far.  These were mostly ones with MIME separators in
them.  There were 27 such files in the failed-file archives you made.
There were another 5 that were submitted for release 0.09 but for
some reason weren't in the failed-fail archive for that release
(even though they are listed as failing in PASSFAIL.txt), so
I fixed these as well, except for two that are already in the
collection under different names (presumably having been resubmitted).
In addition to these 30, I fixed 14 other files with various problems
(mostly wrongly encoded non-ASCII characters).

By the way, many of the files in the incoming folder have HASH
garbage in the keywords - some have no real keywords at all.

Stephen Silver

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