[Clipart] SVG to... other formats

Jose Hevia 100026838 at alumnos.uc3m.es
Thu Mar 10 15:31:35 PST 2005

> Hi!
> First, sorry for being away so much time and coming back just to ask
> this, but I have been a lot busy lately.
> Second, my question: I am organizing a conference and did my Tshirt
> design with inkscape, so SVG based. Now, I need to send it to the
> printing service. I am sure they will not be able to open SVG
> correctly.
> So, the main idea is to convert it back to FreeHand (I know they have
> it). What is the easiest way?

So, what is wrong exporting a png with 8000ppp?
If you are sure they will not be able to open a png,you could then use
the gimp to make a jpg,tiff,what you want.
 Maybe I didn't get you.Here it's too late :)
                                    Jose Hevia 

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