[Clipart] upload script suggestion

Andrew Archibald andrew.archibald at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 22 12:46:09 PST 2005

Stephen Silver wrote:

> I think it's necessary, because the regular expressions will always
> be fooled in some situations.  For example, these two files in the
> incoming folder still have Adobe Illustrator metadata, because the
> regular expression didn't notice it, and they have no OCAL metadata,
> because the regular expression couldn't find a place to put it:

There are 46 files with either Adobe- or Microsoft-specific tags or attributes 
in them in the current release.  I'll attach the list.  The program that finds 
them is only 39 lines long in its entirety (but could use some improvements).

There are also many broken files in the repository; the most common problem is 
that they use rdf:rdf tags without defining what the rdf: prefix means, 
probably because the tags were put in by an XML-blind script.

> It only takes a few lines in Andrew Archibald's Python script to walk
> the XML tree.  I don't think it can be that much harder in Perl.

It may be easier to ditch perl and call out to a python script to do the task; 
I'd offer to do it, but I don't actually know what the task is (it doesn't seem 
to be in the tools package).

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