[Clipart] contest to celebrate OCAL release 12

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Thu Mar 24 01:31:20 PST 2005

Jon Phillips wrote:
> The book I think we should give out is:
> http://www.thisisamagazine.com/compendia.htm (It is at the top. Click on
> the image.) We could pick another, but I wanted to break from the ways
> of giving techie help books from open source projects. I think it would
> be nice to give out a high quality concept-oriented book, rather than
> "how to get better at the gimp." There are enough of those, right?


> The question I have to you all is what the contest should be? 

i got an idea: reward the best collection of images, where we define 
collection as a group of at least 5 images with the same theme/style, 
where we put accent on the overall quality not the dimension of the 
requiring collections, this will increase the number of submissions, but 
the low limit imposed coupled with the criteria based on quality may 
avoid receiving large amount of poor images.

example of such collections already existing in our repository:
- the drawings from Linda Kim (sorry, no direct link)
- my fruits - http://clipart.nicubunu.ro/?gallery=fruits

also i think we should have the jury nominalized before the contest start


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