[Clipart] upload script problem?

Nathan Eady eady at galion.lib.oh.us
Mon Mar 28 14:24:41 PST 2005

[Stephen:  the first part of this message you may have already seen, but 
the last part is new.]

Stephen Silver wrote:

 > The upload script appears to be corrupting non-SVG files.
 > These two files
 >   kansasflag_dave_reckonin_01.wmf
 >   comtuxaps_logo_2_comtuxa_01.png
 > are only a few bytes long, and are too short to be what their
 > extensions suggest they are.  Maybe the upload log can shed
 > some light on what happened here.

Regarding the Kansasflag wmf, I will have to look into that further,
as it is not immediately clear to me what happened there.

However, in terms of the ComtuxAPS Logo 2 contribution,
I think I see what happened, as follows:

1.  The user submitted the file itself without specifying the
     needed metadata, probably using the form on the front page.
2.  The upload script attempted to place the submitted file
     into the value attribute of the (hidden) userfile input;
     however, this appears not to work for binary files, for
     reasons that are not clear to me.  (The script encodes
     the core four entities that have to be encoded in HTML,
     but this does not appear to be enough.  Perhaps it should
     encode control characters also?  HTML::Entities can do
     that and does by default, so if that is the change we
     need, it's easy enough to do.  Maybe I will try that
     simple change this week and see what happens with the
     next PNG submission.)
3.  The user then filled in various metadata and resubmitted,
     but because of the above-noted thing, the content of the
     userfile field was incorrect.

Actually, steps 2-3 happened twice, because the first time
the morefields checkbox was checked the first time.  So the
first upload.log entry corresponds step 1 and contains the
binary file, but the third input.log entry corresponds to
the second time through step 3 and contains the metadata.

Upon further inspection, this PNG image appears to be exactly the
same as the screenshot that was submitted of the ComtuxAPS logo.
There does not appear to be a vector version of any part of this
anywhere in the collection, nor of any part of their *previous*
screenshot submission, so I don't think we really need to retain
the image; it appears that the ComtuxAPS people are just trying to
get some free publicity from us, with no real contribution, unless
I am really missing something.  Based on that, I went ahead and
rejected the screenshots in question.

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