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David Illsley david at illsley.org
Tue May 3 00:05:12 PDT 2005

Just FYI, I noticed this the other day:

SVG Included in Mozilla Firefox Nightly Builds
Thursday April 28th, 2005

Chase Phillips reports that nightly builds of Mozilla Firefox now  
include support for Scalable Vector Graphics on Windows and Mac OS X  
(Linux builds with SVG are coming soon). The feature is currently  
disabled by default; to turn it on, go to about:config and set  
svg.enabled to true. Once you've got it working, check out the  
croczilla.com SVG samples and have a quick game of SVG Tetris. If all  
goes well, SVG will be enabled by default in time for Firefox 1.1.  
The Mozilla SVG Project pages have more details about SVG support in  

In related news, Tim "tor" Rowley's Mozilla SVG Update weblog has  
some photographs of Minimo with SVG support. The pictures show a  
Windows CE build of Minimo displaying some SVG images (including the  
famous SVG Lion) on a HP iPAQ handheld (a Windows Mobile-based Pocket  
PC). The Minimo SVG build uses the Cairo backend (see the SVG build  
page for details about the different backends supported by the  
Mozilla SVG implementation), though tor reports that that SVG text  
doesn't seem to work in this configuration. If you're trying to  
understand the relevance of the Egyptian capital in all this, check  
out our earlier article on Mozilla and Cairo.


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