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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sat May 14 22:19:40 PDT 2005

Would you all consider this spam? Hmmm...I don't see anything that
specifically address OCAL...hmmmm...


On Sat, 2005-05-14 at 16:54 -0700, Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form
> Name: Alex Romane
> E-mail: aiukstudio1 at yahoo.com
> Dear Webmaster,
> Audio Interact (www.audiointeract.com) specialises in the production
> of multimedia audio and we are currently seeking 'partners' to trade
> website links with and we believe that trading links with you could
> be highly beneficial for both parties as our companies both sell
> non-competitive products/services into the same markets.
> We are one of the best performers in our field (voted above
> BBC) as we can deliver audio across the web in FM-CD STEREO QUALITY,
> starting instantly and running for up to 2 minutes in length and
> without interruption. Our competitors are still below FM Quality and
> in mono and quite often with long download times or interruptions.
> We even link to our best global competitors as potential clients are
> able to experience the difference. The reduced quality and increased
> delivery time of our competition actually helps to sell Audio
> Interact services.
> Trading links would have two main benefits for both parties:
> 1. Increased ranking with search engines (particularly Google)
> 2. Increased traffic (potential customers)
> Search engines now put much importance on incoming links to sites
> (back-links), as well as links from sites when assessing sites for
> ranking. The more quality links any site has pointing to it from
> other sites, the higher the ranking. The same is also true of
> out-bound links.
> As you have a quality site in a related field to and, ranked
> similarly to audiointeract.com, we would like to trade links with you
> primarily to help raise the search engine ranking of both sites as
> both sites have far more potential towards the top of our respective
> search results.
> Direct traffic from site-to-site is not the main concern with this
> proposal - the idea is largely a mechanism that will help both sites
> with search engine ranking so that both sites may then do better,
> with traded visitors being a by-product and not the priority.
> Audio Interact.com Ranking (awaiting Google)
> Keyword:        UK Results:                Global Results:
> website audio   Pos. 46 (of 10,000,000)    Pos. 74 (of 65,000,000)
> audio interact  Pos. 1 + 3 (of 300,000)    Pos. 1 (of 300,000)
> In April 2005, we replaced the BBC and ABC at the top 2 positions on
> all global searches under the term 'Audio Interact' - an industry
> term as well as our company name.
> I would be grateful to hear of any interest or any feedback ASAP, as
> this is an urgent matter that is very quick and simple to implement.
> *Please do not respond if you insist that we link to each other
> through anything other than a pure html hyper-text link as search
> engines do not read text in graphics etc and, for the purpose of this
> proposal - the text content of the links is what is important here as
> it must be the same as our respective keywords and this is what the
> engines put most weight on.
> Yours,
> Alex Romane (Marketing)
> www.audiointeract.com
> aiukstudio1 at yahoo.com
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