[Clipart] [Bug 3347] PNG files not optimized

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------- Additional Comments From galionlibrary at gmail.com  2005-05-20 10:58 -------
> I'm more in favour of option one -- making it a dependency doesn't
> actually solve the issue, it just puts it aside.

Except that one of the proposed solutions for bug 3225 is to use something
besides Inkscape to generate the thumbnails.  There has also been a proposal
to have the thumbnails generated at upload time, using a library or tool for
that purpose (not Inkscape).  Some if this was discussed on the mailing list,
before we had a bugzilla component.  If either of those is implemented, the
Inkscape issue no longer would directly impact OCAL.

Of course, filing a bug against Inkscape doesn't hurt anything, since
arguably Inkscape itself would be improved by exporting more optimal PNGs,
but that may not matter directly for OCAL.          
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