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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sat May 21 12:18:27 PDT 2005

Holger Will <holger at treebuilder.de> writes:

> as Jon Phillips suggested, im contacting you , about the file
> cleanup process.  the scripts ive written so far for the cleanup are
> largly useless, because they are written in VB useing msxml and ms
> filesystemobject, and so are not portable, 

Yeah, I won't be able to use that.  I haven't had access to a copy of
VB for years now.  However,

> all in all its not a good architecture, but more a quick fix.  

Hey, it got 0.13 out the door :-)

I'm hoping to avoid the problem for 0.14 by having the files not get
messed up in the first place, so they don't have to be fixed.

> i m willing to help anyways if i can, 

Actually, you've already been very helpful.  You pinned down exactly
what was going wrong.  That would have been hard for me to do, since
the broken files were actually working in the only SVG viewer I have
here.  With the information you posted on what needed to be fixed, I
should be able to repair the toolchain so that this doesn't happen
next time.  Hopefully.

> but i dont know anything about the current implementation, so can
> you tell me where i can find some more details ?  

Yes, two places.

First, and foremost, is the SVG::Metadata module.  Normally you can
find that on CPAN, here:

Although, right now, the version on the CPAN is a bit out of date, so
I'm attaching a more current copy of SVG::Metadata to this message.
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The other part of the picture is the tools package.  You can always
find the latest actual release of the tools alongside the clipart
package, with a -tools.zip suffix.  For instance, the 0.13 tools
release is here:

If you have access to CVS, you can also check out the absolute latest
versions of the tools from there.  They are in the tools folder within
the clipart_web repository.  Most of the tools are written in Perl at
this point.

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