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------- Additional Comments From galionlibrary at gmail.com  2005-05-23 11:21 -------
> if one of the programs pngcrush, optipng, or pngout were installed 
> on the server

At this time, what's installed on the server is almost totally irrelevant.
Thumbnails are not generated on the server.  There has been talk of having
thumbnails generated at upload time, but at this time that is very much 
LATERed, as there are substantially more important changes that need to be 
made to the upload facility, e.g., to correctly handle non-ASCII characters
in the metadata being added.

> The best program to use, is OptiPNG. And it's actually better (more
> user-friendly) to make the files slightly larger, by using Adam7

I do not understand how the technical details of how the images are 
internally encoded could possibly make any difference whatsoever in terms
of user-friendliness.  End users do not know or care about that stuff.
Making the download filesize smaller is the only difference I can
possibly imagine improved PNG optimization making to the end user.

> This is much more user-friendly for low-bandwidth users than making the
> images even smaller by not using Adam7.

I especially don't understand how larger filesizes improves anything
for low-bandwidth users.  Please explain.          
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