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Sun May 29 20:28:38 PDT 2005

Name: Andreas Schnaiter
E-mail: rc.poison at gmail.com

Hello =),
first I want to thank you guys for providing this useful resource.
The request I have is to make the WMF files provided to this library
also available in the tarball / on the page, or if you have access to
a program to convert SVG's to WMF's, to also include WMF versions
additional to the SVG ones.
The reason for requesting this is that there seems to be _no_ Open
Source/Free Software to convert SVG into another vector format
(actually Karbon 14 tries to import, but does a really bad job),
while there are enough to convert WMF into plenty of other vector
graphics formats, including SVG.
This would be required for OpenOffice, since version 1.3 can not
import/display SVG, OpenOffice 2.0 will not be able to import SVG,
and according to the bug report status, it is questionable that OO
will ever be able to import SVG, especially with the upcoming OASIS
file format.
So theres no way to use the cliparts provided by this project as
vector graphics in OpenOffice, which is sad.
I know it's asked very much just because of OpenOffice, but it is the
leading/most advanced Office suite available for Free Operating
Maybe you'll consider.
With Best Regards,

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