[Clipart] SVG Format

Jose Hevia 100026838 at alumnos.uc3m.es
Mon May 30 06:11:22 PDT 2005

> > The reason for requesting this is that there seems to be _no_ Open
> > Source/Free Software to convert SVG into another vector format

I convert SVG to eps into inkscape.It works for Latex as vector.

> > (actually Karbon 14 tries to import, but does a really bad job),
> > while there are enough to convert WMF into plenty of other vector
> > graphics formats, including SVG.
> The motivation of many of the contributors of this project was to
> promote the usage of open standards, specially to promote SVG. At least
> this was *my* motivation and as fair as I know, the motivation of its
> founders.

This is my motivation too. It's far more easy to manage SVG than WMF.

> Supporting WMF, which is not an open standard and in not very well
> supported outside Windows world, looks to me counterproductive to our
> initial motivation and goals.

Seems to be free (as a beer) work for a software company.If there is
someone that wants to make it ,it would be made as usual in the OSS.

> > This would be required for OpenOffice, since version 1.3 can not
> > import/display SVG, OpenOffice 2.0 will not be able to import SVG,
> > and according to the bug report status, it is questionable that OO
> > will ever be able to import SVG, especially with the upcoming OASIS
> > file format.
> Now I will speak with OpenOffice.org hat on (yes, I am a member of OOo
> project)
> We are aware of the slow development of SVG support in OOo and IMHO,
> this development is headed in a wrong way right now (XSLT transformations)

This is the reason I don't use OOo as much as I'd like .

 > > So theres no way to use the cliparts provided by this project as
 > > vector graphics in OpenOffice, which is sad.

 Very sad.

 > Converting SVG to WMF is one of the workarounds proposed. I saw a recent
 > proposal for OOo to support SVG by embedding images, just like other
 > graphic formats (so only scaling will be possible, not other editing -
 > this is how SVG is supported for example in Abiword)
 > > I know it's asked very much just because of OpenOffice, but it is the
 > > leading/most advanced Office suite available for Free Operating
 > > Systems.
 > Also support for SVG is asked very much inside OOo.

 OOo is so big that I would prefer to have SVG support into little
programs like abiword.
                                              Jose Hevia

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