[Clipart] SVG Format

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon May 30 06:29:47 PDT 2005

> The request I have is to make the WMF files provided to this library
> also available in the tarball / on the page,

They are in the release tarball, right alongside the .svg versions.

However, most of the images are submitted as SVG in the first place,
so there are no WMF versions.

> or if you have access to a program to convert SVG's to WMF's, 

Do you know of such a tool?

As far as SVG support in various applications such as OpenOffice, this
situation will improve over time, we hope.  SVG import is certainly a
goal for OO.o, it just is taking some time for it to happen, due to
the inherent difficulty of the problem.

Meanwhile, a workaround is to use Inkscape or something else to create
PNG versions, and import those into OpenOffice.  This is very
suboptimal, but it does allow the images to be used.

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