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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Nov 1 11:57:33 PST 2005

Yes, I've been AWOL, but have managed to get a column going in TUX (see
FWD) and soon in Linux Magazine out of the UK.

I'll be back online soon. Also, FYI, I work for Creative Commons now as
an Open Source developer, so if there are any things I can field in that
direction, you are in SF and want to come in and eat with me here (and
get a free cc shirt), please ping me. ;)


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> Dear TUX Subscriber,
> Your November issue of TUX is now available for you to download, https://www.ssc.com/tx/issues/StartDownloadTUX.php?issue=8&month=November&year=2005&id=49885 .
> This issue features:
> 	*From the Publisher: Linux on Hardware
> 	*From the Editor: Civil Disobedience and Linux
> 	*Letters to the Editor
>  	*Q&A with Mango Parfait
> 	*TUX Explains: Inkscape: the Elements of Design, Part II
> 	*TUX Explains: Lightweight Desktops: Xfce
> 	*TUX Explains: BasKet Tutorial
> 	*TUX Explains: Wireless Networking with ndiswrapper
> 	*TUX Explains: Give Multiple Distros the Boot
> 	*Review: Evermore Integrated Office Kicks Keister
> 	*Review: Gadget Guy - Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and the 
> 	 Logitech MX 3000 Laser
> 	*Review: Capsul Reviews - Evince, NVU, and Novell Evolution
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