[Clipart] friggin mediawiki

Matthew Gates matthew at porpoisehead.net
Tue Nov 1 15:32:00 PST 2005

On Tuesday 01 November 2005 23:10, Jon Phillips wrote:
> Have you guys had to deal with making a spammer-protected mediawiki
> install? Our projects that use mediawiki are getting heavy levels of
> spam and am curious if you have had to setup some way to get around
> this spam.

I did this with my mediawiki: http://porpoisehead.net/wikiwikiwalks/

It works pretty well.  There's an extension called SpamBlacklist,  You can 
read about it here:


Since my wiki is very low traffic I modded it to mail me when there is a 
change, with a notification of failed spamming attempts and the like.  
I'm guessing this is not going to be suitable for a larger site, and it's 
ugly as anything, but I can send you a diff from the original if you 

There a more general list of anti-spam meaures for mediawiki's here:


> I wish we could just add the kees-hack to mediawiki to provide a
> obfuscated string.

What is this?

> Any thoughts would be appreciated before we get an implemented...
> Jon

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