[Clipart] Re: OCAL 0.18 sorted and uploaded

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Thu Nov 10 23:01:09 PST 2005

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 07:59:03AM -0700, Michael Moore wrote:
> I went to bed before I got your e-mail, but I've now got the sorted
> files uploaded.

Hi Michael,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you; I guess this emphasizes
how valuable your help is!
> Inside the folder OCAL is:
> 1) The sorted clipart in the openclipart-0.18-full folder
> 2) I did ls -R before and after sorting, incase anyone wants to diff
> my changes to see where something went. The output of that is in
> pre_sorting_ocal and post_sorting_ocal
> 3) A file unsorted.README. I didn't know what to do with four or five
> of the cliparts in the unsorted folder. I put why there.
> 4) A folder named REMOVED, which has the duplicates and logo cliparts
> I removed from the collection, and a text file README with the reasons
> for them being removed if anyone cares to see. The reason includes the
> bug number.
> I closed bugs 4791, 4604 and 4524.

I've downloaded and looked through it.  You've done some good work, I
think this will definitely fill a big need in the project.  I think
your work would serve as an excellent basis for the next release.  I
would like to nominate you for the lead role in next release, if you
would be willing.

> Get it here:
> http://stuporglue.com/downloads/OCAL-sorted.tar.tbz
> http://stuporglue.com/downloads/OCAL-sorted.tar.tbz.md5sum
> (8ecd4d0a1df01c8ecf878a69763e484f )
> If there are any problems with it, let me know.

The *rdf files are simply metadata files.  They are essentially
extractions of the metadata from the .svg files. 

All the items you removed look ok to me, but it would be nice if you
included a text description of the reasoning for each.
I.e. "copright/trademark",  etc.  I'm curious about the rationale for
the sleeping_bear stemma_comune, and war_drum images.


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