AW: [Clipart] Download single SVG

Nathan Eady eady at
Fri Nov 11 11:36:02 PST 2005

Roderik Wildenburg wrote:
> Sorry for my stupid question

That's why we have a mailing list.  Well, it's one reason.

> I did not realize that the SVG files are already displayed.
> I thought just icons are displayed and download is managed
> by clicking (left-clicking) on the icon.

It is a thumbnail (a PNG thumbnail) that is displayed.
If you right click in Firefox, the option Save Image As
will save the PNG thumbnail, but Save Link Target As
will save the SVG image itself.

As for why just clicking on the thumbnail doesn't download
(most browsers) or display (Firefox 1.5) the SVG image, I don't
know.  Theoretically, it should.  Is Apache sending the correct
content-type header?

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