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Sat Nov 12 19:50:00 PST 2005

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> Name: Mark Jones
> E-mail: mjones at nusd.org
> Hi all-
> I'm a sixth grade teacher looking for a suitable replacement for
> MSWord (we can no longer afford licenses) Abi word seems to be fine
> for our purposes but I need a good clipart source for the program,
> which is where you come in :>) I've successfully downloaded the .exe
> Windows install app and that went fine. All the clipart is in svg
> format and I can't get any of the pics to open, let alone get them
> into Abi word. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Mark Jones
> Sinaloa Middle School
Abi Word is a excellent replacement for MS word.
You should download the OCAL with PNG thumbnails.
The zip file is 131MB, unzip it and start abi word.
go insert --- Picture, go to the directory you unzip
OCAL and click the preview picture. Select the image
you want.

Their is a down side to this. You see the images are
PNG thumbnails so they are small, if you need them
to be bigger. Download and install Inkscape for your
platform. Open the SVG file and export it as a larger PNG
file. hope this helps
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