[Clipart] getting pictures into abiword

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Sun Nov 13 09:33:55 PST 2005

Alan Horkan wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Nov 2005, Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form wrote:
>>Name: Mark Jones
>>Hi all-
>>I'm a sixth grade teacher looking for a suitable replacement for
>>MSWord (we can no longer afford licenses) Abi word seems to be fine
>>for our purposes but I need a good clipart source for the program,
>>which is where you come in :>) I've successfully downloaded the .exe
>>Windows install app and that went fine. All the clipart is in svg
>>format and I can't get any of the pics to open, let alone get them
>>into Abi word. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> The abiword developers are the best people to ask questions about using
> Abiword but as it happens you are in luck and I'm quite familiar with
> Abiword.
> Abiword has support for importing SVG graphics,
> Insert
>   Picture
>     From File...

This is also what i remember: Abiword can import SVG files, but after i 
saw this question i tested the Windows version of Abiword 2.4.1 - it 
can't import SVG files, only the Linux version can.

> (Please Note Carefully: abiword also has a built in option to Insert what
> it calls "Clipart" but that is not what you really want in this case.)
> It is possible you may need to install the Plugin pack for abiword but I
> am fairly sure SVG import is included by default.
> Download the Abiword Import Export plugins
> http://www.abisource.com/download/
> (make sure you use versions of abiword and the plugins where the version
> numbers match)

I installed the plugins package but still no succes.

> If you have any more problems with Abiword please contact the abiword user
> mailing list.  mailto:abiword-user at abisource.com
> In case your problems are already known issues you might also want to
> check the bug tracker at http://bugzilla.abisource.com or read the Abiword
> FAQ http://www.abisource.com/twiki/bin/view/Abiword/AbiWordFAQ
> Thanks for choosing Abiword and OpenClipart.org too :)

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