[Clipart] clipart upload problem

Ying-Chun Liu grandpaul at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 06:07:53 PST 2005

:I tried several times to upload one of my selfmade cliparts
:(Jack-O'-Lantern) for your halloween-collection but it seems not to
:At least when i downloaded the files again for the purpose of testing
:they couldn´t be opened by inkscape!
:So I´m sorry for the garbage in your incoming list.
:Kind regards,
:Thomas Chen 

I found that you are using non utf-8 characters in layer name.
<g id="layer1" inkscape:groupmode="layer" inkscape:label="K?rbis" 
After I remove the ? character, I can edit it by inkscape.
Maybe you should try to remove any non-english characters.
At least you upload 36.5k to the server.
I cannot upload all of my selfmade cliparts. Always 0.0K.
I'm using Debian Etch(testing) with Mozilla 1.7.12.

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