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Fri Nov 18 15:35:14 PST 2005

Hi Richard,

The Open Clip Art Library is not responsible for the Inkscape program
but the two projects are closely related and a number of our developers
work on Inkscape too. Inkscape is open source, free software, meaning
that you are entitled to use and redistribute the software as much as
you would like -- so there is no time limit.

Most probably you are experiencing a bug in the program which is causing
a crash. I am sure the Inkscape developers would appreciate it if you
could give them a little more information so they can look at it or help
you out. I have copied the Inkscape developers in on this email and
hopefully one of them will get in touch with the right questions.

Kind Regards


On Fri, 2005-11-18 at 15:12 -0800, Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form
> Name: Richard Kowalski
> E-mail: RiDiRi at aol.com
> Dear Sirs
> Recently I downloaded your Inkscape program.  How much time limit
> does the program have on it?  It won't load up for me anymore.  I
> didn't see a time limit or a cost if I like the program. I tried
> uninstalling and reinstalling, but it still won't come up for me.
> I was running it on Windows XP.
> Thank You
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