[Clipart] RE: Upload to OCAL

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Wed Nov 23 00:03:20 PST 2005

Gerald Ganson wrote:
> I cannot upload a ZIP file to OCAL incoming/submission page.

i saw your blog post about this, how you converted 1400 images from WPG 
to SVG, manually or with an automatic tool?

> I end up with the following.....
> Is this a known bug ? Should I submit, or is there work being done on
> the upload ?

it looks like a bug, i can reproduce it.

i have a batch of potentially controversial images ready for submission 
(http://clipart.nicubunu.ro/?gallery=silhouettes - comment about them 
until is too late :p ), made a .zip and tried with them, the result is 
the same '500 Internal Server Error'

> I have two largish (but under 10MB) zips that I'd like to upload.

the error is registered in our server error log, waiting for someone 
knowledgeable (jonadab?) to interpret and fix it, i see a lot of errors like

'/srv/clipart.freedesktop.org/temp/temp_aadj') called at 
/usr/share/perl5/Archive/Zip.pm line 220"

and wonder if it something caused by permission change after the website 


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