[Clipart] Use of Open Clip Art Library

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Thu Nov 24 02:26:17 PST 2005

Name: Bernoud Jonker
E-mail: baj.jonker at 2com2.nl

Dear Sir,

This e-mail is about the commercial use of the Open Clip Art Library.

We have build an commercial CMS application. This CMS application is
virtually sold via internet and physical sold and distributed via
retailorganisations (currently only in the Netherlands). To support
our users we want to add some cliparts to an on-line library.  

My question to you is: are we allowed to use the Open Clip Art
library file to pick some (500 - 1.000 ex) cliparts for use in our
library, as part of an commercial package.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards,

Bernoud Jonker

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