[Clipart] Who can do the 0.18 release?

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sun Oct 2 19:35:52 PDT 2005

Bryce Harrington <bryce at bryceharrington.org> writes:

> I've done some basic cleanup of the keywords of the incoming
> clipart; I consolidated keywords that clearly go together, and
> removed some others.  I decided to delete keywords that weren't
> English, on the philosophy that translations probably should be
> mapped onto english metadata rather than be embedded in the metadata
> itself.

Yeah.  We probably need to do more in this regard, eventually...

> However, even with that work there were still keywords going in that
> I'm not sure are right.  I think it would be better if the keyword
> cleanup could be done independently of the release process.

I agree with this.  But I'm not sure how we should proceed, exactly.

> As well, I haven't touched the keywords from the 0.17 release, although
> I see that there is some work needed to clean up those keywords too.

Yes, there is.

> Anyway, once the 0.18 release goes out, there is an opportunity for
> someone to attack the keywords and get them straightened out.  

Probably some further sorting could be done as well, possibly at the
same time.

If someone works on this during the month, they could zip or tar up
their results and send them to whoever will add in the new files for
the next release.

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