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As a long time Corel user, I'd like to warn you about one small problem 
Corel Draw (11 and 12) has with some SVG files (as I noticed, it happens 
mostly with Inkscape generated SVGs.)

Corel has its own SVG rendering engine (a quite good one I may say) but 
sometimes it "understands" some SVGs in a little bit different way.

When you import an SVG file, (for example by drag 'n dropping it into Draw), 
the graphic appears generally grouped, even if it is made of one single 
object. Ungroupping is usually the only operation that has to be done after 
import (the corel works with the imported graphics normally).

But bigger problems can appear when the imported graphics are made of 2 or 
more objects. After importing, the graphics are groupped. Don't ungroup them 
right the way or Draw will freeze!!! It is because the SVG renderer can 
interpret some of the groupped objects as locked. So you should first unlock 
them (quite easy to do with the help of the OBJECT MANAGER DOCKER). After 
all the locked objects are unlocked, you can ungroup the graphics and use 
them as needed.

link: a browser SVG viewer plugin is available for download here: 
It is usefull to use to see how will Corel Draw render some openclipart 

Hope that helps!


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> Name: Rick McKay
> E-mail: rmckay at syptec.com
> How can I use the clip art you offer?  When I save it and bring it
> into a program like Corel, it is fuzzy and hard to use.  Am I missing
> something?
> Also, is there a way to "browse" all the images in the library I've
> downloaded?
> Please let me know.
> Thanks
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