[Clipart] DMS

Matthew Gates matthew at porpoisehead.net
Mon Oct 3 10:13:34 PDT 2005

I agree.  DMS might be the ideal, but if it's not ready we can't use it. 
Perhaps subversion would be helpful until the DMS is eeady. 

In implementing something like a subversion repository, we should take 
into account a furure migration to DMS.  e.g. To ease migration to DMS, 
do we need to adopt some specific directory structure?


On Monday 03 October 2005 15:23, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> With this development maybe its time to revisit considering putting the
> clipart collection into something like Subversion and have the onsite
> gallery and tarballs built from that Subversion repository?
> While I understand the reasons earlier for wanting a more DMS like
> system I am not sure the CC tool would be a better fit for us than the
> Subversion repository. Something which demands a webfrontend for doing
> updates is to much of a pain to use IMHO for doing this.
> Subversion on the other hand would make updating and moving files
> around much easier while keeping change history and 'blame' list.
> Christian
> On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 23:20 -0700, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> > Due to increased activity in Inkscape, I really haven't had time to
> > work on DMS much lately.  I doubt this is going to change any time
> > soon - Inkscape is really ramping up, and there's a lot of features I
> > want to devote time into.
> >
> > DMS is actually fairly close to being usable, but there's still a lot
> > of dev work - esp. for the web interface - that I just haven't been
> > very motivated to do.  Plus then there's all the admin tools,
> > maintenance and bug fixing and so on...  Ugh...
> >
> > Anyway, in talking with Jon Philips it sounds like CC has a tool that
> > could be used instead.  Doesn't sound like a perfect fit to what we
> > were hoping for (it's db backed, php, etc.) but is a lot further
> > along in development, and plus Jon is going to be able to work on it
> > as part of his job.  ;-)
> >
> > Bryce
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