[Clipart] Open Clip Art Library Release 0.18 Announcement

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Tue Oct 11 00:32:17 PDT 2005

October 10, 2005 - Release 0.18 of Open Clip Art Library
(http://www.openclipart.org), containing over 8000 SVG files, is now
available for download and use.

The theme for this month was 'pets'.  We sought to collect images for
different breeds, appropriate for use by animal shelters.

For 0.19, due Nov 1st, the theme will be Halloween!  This is your chance
to send us your ghosts and goblins, bats, witches, and pumpkins!  We'd
also welcome printable templates for creating holiday decorations,
usable in Inkscape, OpenOffice, Scribus, or other graphics applications.

Some of the highlights of this release:

   * New top level categories 'science', 'electronics'
   * New subsections 'religion', 'astronomy', 'network', and more
   * Flags collection has been fleshed out / improved a bit more
   * Bunch of new signs/symbols
   * Lots of new vehicles, office, sports, music, and toys clipart

A lot of the previously 'unsorted' art has been sorted and moved into
other categories, and a lot of duplicates removed.  While much more work
is required before the collection is perfect, with this release it
should be much easier to locate the clip art you need.

Please download it directly from:


or one of the other packages at:


The Open Clip Art Library (http://www.openclipart.org/) aims to create
an archive of user contributed clip art that may be freely used. All
graphics submitted to the project are placed into the Public Domain
according to the Creative Commons Public Domain Declaration.


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