[Clipart] License problem for cards clipart

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Mon Oct 17 13:51:26 PDT 2005

Name: David Bellot
E-mail: david.bellot at free.fr


I just browsed into the open clip art library and I discovered that
four cliparts for cards signs are very similar to those I use and I
originaly designed for my SVG-cards deck. You can find them in
and you can find my svg-cards at http://david.bellot.free.fr
I'm not sure for the diamond and heart because the design is still
very simple but I am pretty sure spade and club signs because the
construction is exactly the same as mine. The problem is the
following : this signs come from my SVG-cards which is released under
LGPL and not as Public Domain. So I cannot accept to see part of my
work re-released under a Public Domain license.
Please make sure those signs are an original work from the author and
not a copy of mine. I am already convinced that it is a copy of my
work with a change in the license. In particular, the design of the
club sign is exactly the same and I did it lije that because of a
limitation I had with Adobe Illustrator by the time I made the
version version of my deck.

Thank you for your consideration,
David Bellot

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