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------- Additional Comments From bryce at bryceharrington.org  2005-10-26 23:48 -------
I did some work coming up with some scripty ways to do some of the tasks.
These are in the wiki.  A logical next step would be for someone to review these
scriptings and construct a tool to incorporate them in order to further automate
a chunk of the tasks.

I notice that svg_validate, which made sense back around ocal 0.04, does not
really add that much value today for 0.18.  Several steps in the release process
are there simply because as we've grown, some assumptions have changed.  I would
suggest writing a new script to replace svg_metadata in the procedure, that
takes each image from incoming, plus a file listing the desired file structure,
and then places it into that structure (possibly also creating the png versions,
if we still wish to do that).  This would eliminate the need to weed out
duplicates, it would simplify the step where the processed incoming files are
merged with the prior release, and would (hopefully) make it easier to add new

Second, a major portion of the time for doing a release is assigning keywords to
images.  Some thought should go into finding a way to get the keyword
assignments taken care of better, separate from the release process.

I think a tool will also be needed that navigates a hierarchy of svg's and
checks their metadata keywords to ensure that there is a keyword in them
matching the name of the directory the .svg is stored in.  This is because I
think people have moved svg's into the directory hierarchy without actually
updating the .svg's keywords.  A final test would be to re-process all of the
.svg's and put them into a directory hierarchy from scratch, and doublecheck
that this reasonably matches the original.

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