[Clipart] Clipart licencing question

Michael Moore stuporglue at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 21:16:51 PST 2005

I will soon be getting a copy of Art Explosion 125,000. It doesn't
seem they sell it anymore, but here are their existing products:


I've read the licence for it here:

It says in section 5 that the content can't be distributed to third
parties. Would the fact that the first paragraph says "Your
installation or use of the Software means that you have read and agree
to all of the terms and conditions of this License.", and that I never
have, and never will install or use their software mean that I *could*
distribute the content?

If I never agree to their terms, would I just be bound by normal image
copyright and logo licencing issues?

If this question is inapropriate for this list, let me know.

Michael Moore

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