[Clipart] Clipart licencing question

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Mon Oct 31 22:25:28 PST 2005

Michael Moore wrote:
> That's why I asked. I'm getting the CDs (legal, legit copies) for
> free, and had heard that clip art is usually in the PD. Many of the
> files are supposedly in eps format, or could be potraced easily if
> it's legal.

Many of them have a twisted understanding of the PD concept, they claim 
PD and then require either no commercial use or give credit

> They do have lots of trademark images (Coke, Pepsi etc.), but most
> aren't. If I am legally able to donate these to OCAL, I will. I
> wouldn't want to put OCAL, or myself, into legal jeopardy however.

I'm affraid we need images trully released in Public Domain and this 
means conforming with the CC definition:

> If the CC has good news, I'll come back here to continue this issue.

If we find images suitable for inclusion I would be interested in 
working on them, for example transforming from bitmap to SVG, but so far 
I was not happy wih the terms found on various websites.


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