[Clipart] Who can do the 0.18 release?

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Thu Sep 22 07:04:38 PDT 2005

Bryce Harrington wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 09:26:04AM -0400, Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
>>Short version:  I won't be able to do the 0.18 release, at least not
>>if we stick to the usual schedule.  If someone else can step up to do
>>it, that would be great.  Otherwise we may end up skipping a month.
> I can help with it.  The next two weekends look fairly light for me;
> I'll keep them free to help work on this.

Then please, take care of the files in this package to get in the 
correct location and *replace* the old version (I cropped your map 
symbols to 128x128 or multiples of 128) 


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