[Clipart] To-Do List :: which ccHost ?

Roan Horning Roan at Horning.us
Sat Aug 5 03:10:58 PDT 2006

Jon Phillips wrote:
> Do you both have access to freedesktop.org accounts? If so, just
> navigate to:
> /srv/clipart.freedesktop.org/clipart_web/cchost
Hi Jon, I received my account on the Aug 1st.  I tried to log into cvs
for the first time last night, so I could update the getid3 library in
your experimental path, but I keep getting the following error.

cvs -d :pserver:ext:roan at cvs.freedesktop.org:/cvs/clipart login
(Logging in to ext:roan at cvs.freedesktop.org)
CVS password:
PAM start error: Critical error - immediate abort
Fatal error, aborting.
cvs [login aborted]: unrecognized auth response from
cvs.freedesktop.org: pam failed to release authenticator

I was tired last night, so I haven't sent a message to anyone at
freedesktop.org about this.  Have you run into this before? After
Googling for a possible solution, it looks like the problem may be on
their end, but I'm not sure.

> Cool Roan, I think best to use the latest version on SVN. ccMixter.org
> is the largest user of ccHost, and Victor (core dev) and myself go to
> great lengths to keep ccHost code working as well so that it can be
> sync'd. This process works!
Ahh, good to know.  I will set up this version on my home machine
(apparently my server--which hosts horning.us--is a little to tight on
memory to deal with mysql)

Thanks,  Roan

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