[Clipart] Request regarding copyright

Gerald Ganson Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca
Mon Aug 28 09:24:09 PDT 2006

Hi Noeline.

In a word "YES", this clipart collection is public domain.

>From the FAQ...

"What limitations are there in how I can use the clipart?

There are no limitations, you can do whatever you wish with it.

We select the Public Domain for the clipart in order to provide maximum
flexibility and ease of use to the user. You can put the clipart into
your own drawings without any affect on the copyright or license of your
work. There are no requirements to include attribution of the
clipartist. You can edit and modify the clipart as you wish and
redistribute it under your own terms."

Credit to the project is optional, but appreciated.

On a personal note, I believe educational uses is one of the best
purposes for this project.

Gerald G

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Name: Noeline
E-mail: nlaccetti at cogeco.ca

I am busy writing lessons for the Ontario Ministry of Education. Is the
clipart on this site really open domain - may I inlcude some of the
graphics, like a sketch of a book in the lessons? The lessons will be
offered free of charge to the students.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Noeline Laccetti 

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